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Explore our unforgettable experiences and sacred sites

Be one with Maui, his people, land sea & sky. Maui Tikitiki-a-Taranga the person who slowed down the sun, the person who brought us fire, the person who fished up Aotearoa from the sea, come and hear his story, come and see his lands, meet his people and feel his presence through his descendants, Ngati Porou.



Te Urunga-tu - sunrise tour

Greet the dawn, a world-first experience.

Meet your Ngati Porou kaitiaki (guide) at Ruatoria before sunrise, and be 4WD transported to the sacred site of the majestic Hikurangi Maunga (mountain) carvings. During the ascent an insight into the cultural splendour and magic of Hikurangi will be shared.

When the sunrise bubbles on the horizon, a hushed reverence is felt as the past snaps into the now and the nine pou (carvings) are bathed in the light of a brand new day.

HAraMAI - DAY tour

Sights of delight, on tour to sacred site.

Meet your Ngati Porou kaitiaki (guide) at Ruatoria at an agreed time and be 4WD transported to the sacred site of the majestic Hikurangi Maunga carvings.

During the ascent and at the site, authentic stories allowing an insight into the cultural splendour and magic of Hikurangi will be shared.

topa MAI - VIP helicopter tour

A Ngati Porou Tourism VIP Experience.

Be flown by helicopter to the summit of Maunga Hikurangi from one of our exclusive overnight accommodations. Along the way enjoy the glorious sights of our Maui nation: land, sea and sky.



NAU MAI - MARAE styles

Marae stay then world first sun rise.

Engage, embrace, experience – Ngati Porou culture, cuisine and hospitality as you enjoy a day and night on the marae.

We will arrange a meet at a local marae in Ruatoria where you will be traditionally welcomed and made a member of the marae stay whanau (family).


The land where the sun greets the world for the first time each day, it is the Ngati Porou lands and its people who are destined to see the dawning of new light.

Known as Te Tairawhiti – the coast upon which the sun shines across the water, stretching from the Raukumara Ranges, through a myriad of rivers including the great Waiapu flowing eastward to the sea.

The ancestral lands of Ngati Porou stretch from the lofty mountains of the Raukumara, caressed by meandering rivers that flow east to the sea. These mountains, lands, rivers and sea have sustained successive generations of Ngati Porou since the time of Maui, the arrival of the ancestors in their great canoes, to Paikea the Whale Rider and through the millennia to now. Ngati Porou’s mana (authority) spans the easternmost part of the North Island of New Zealand from Potikirua to Te Toka-a-Taiau.

Maunga Hikurangi Supports the Tiaki Promise
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In March our group had a busy weekend experiencing the special place of Mt Hikurangi. We walked up the farm track from the carpark, arriving at the carvings at the same time as our Ngati Porou guide, Ngarimu. He gave us an informative and interesting talk about the carvings, and the history of Ngati Porou - both distant and recent. Everyone in the group was very impressed.
After that we continue up the hill to their hut, where we stayed on Saturday night, with time in the afternoon for many of us to climb to the two peaks of Hikurangi.
The next morning was clear, so some spectacular views were had of the sunrise from the hut and on the carvings.

Hazel - Auckland New Zealand.


My son and I went up Mt Hikurangi in the school holidays and from the moment we met Monty we knew we were in safe and knowledgeable hands. Heading up the farm tracks in the epic Can Am, we admired the landscape and sheep (high performance Romney no less) and the views just kept getting more and more epic. At the site of the phenomenal carvings, Monty shared the stories of Ngati Porou - just fascinating. The picnic was delicious and elegantly presented in such a way as to generate to rubbish. A most excellent adventure for visitors from far and near.

Elizabeth - Auckland New Zealand.



Our 4 hour tour started from Ruatoria approx 2 hours from Gisborne. Our tour guide Monty, met us at Hati Ngati Cafe, drove us to the base of Mt Hikurangi and then up to the Pou (wood carvings) on an awesome off road CAN-AM vehicle. The views were stunning! Monty was awesome and had great knowledge of the land and the stories behind the beautiful carvings. We were in absolute awe of the landscape and how incredible it was to see Hikurangi in all it's glory. We truly appreciated learning more about Ngati Porou heritage and ancestry. The Kai (food) was yum and beautifully presented. To top our day off we had the honour of planting a Native Flax plant and before leaving, we were presented with a beautiful unique gift. We recommend Maunga Hikurangi tours to all!

N. Reed