Maui Tikitiki-a-Taranga, slowed the sun, gifted us fire and fished Aotearoa from the sea. Come and hear his story, see his land, meet his people and feel his presence through his descendants, Ngati Porou.



Ngati Porou’s identity and strength are enduring like Hikurangi, the maunga cast up by Maui from the depths of the ocean. It was the first point of Aotearoa to emerge and the resting place of Nukutaimemeha. Although Ngati Porou are a resolute and resilient iwi, they remain flexible and fluid like the iconic Waiapu River. The unique and inspiring stories of Ngati Porou illustrate pragmatic leadership and innovation, which has empowered whanau to evolve and adapt, so that the diversity of the hapu and richness of the culture is maintained.

In 2018, Ngati Porou created Ngati Porou Tourism to let more people visit their scared maunga. Ngati Porou Tourism is the only commercial operator with permission to provide guided tours of the maunga. Check out the experiences available. This is a cultural experience not be missed.



Ngati Porou have a rich history of regional unity, pivotal leadership and definitive values. We share a magnificent landscape and abundance of natural resources, characterised by hardworking and vibrant communities. The Ngati Porou story is the culmination of generations of innovation, endeavour, resilience and culture directly linking to the whenua of Ngati Porou. This creates a unique foundation of whanau, whairawa, rangatiratanga, kaitiakitanga and matauranga. These represent five pou, which signal the direction that Ngati Porou are heading as an iwi. Since the mid 1980’s, Ngati Porou have engaged in a period of economic revery. Despite advances over the last decades, sustained growth and shared prosperity remains a constant aspirational goal for the iwi.